Clients & Reviews

“The staff at M & C Desserts are very friendly and the desserts they supply are of a high standard”
Swaad – Edenderry

“The M & C Desserts range are of excellent quality and the staff are very friendly”
Jaipore – Newbridge

“M & C Desserts provide beautiful menus and a good service”
Buddha Palace – Newbridge

“The desserts are of a very high standard, excellent quality”
Wongs – Raneleigh | Castleknock | Clontarf

“What a great service and the dessert menus are of a lovely quality”
Singapore Flame – Maynooth

“All the staff are very friendly and the menus are of a high standard”
Canton Palace – Moate

Great service, great quality frozen desserts and a very friendly staff
Ashoka – Athy

“M & C Desserts provide a very friendly and efficent service”
Jewel in The Crown – Ballsbridge | South William Street | Dunlaoighre

“Great Standard in frozen desserts. The service M & C Desserts provide is efficent and friendly”
Leaf – Tallaght

“Great quality frozen desserts, friendly staff and lovely menus”
New Chai-Yo – Dublin

“M & C Desserts provide a good, friendly service”
Saagar – Mullingar

“Great service and excellent quality desserts”
Princess Garden – Lucan

“Great quality desserts, the service is efficent and second to none”
Apache Pizza – Mullingar

“High quality menus, great service and friendly staff”
Rose Garden – Portlaoise

“M & C Desserts provide a professional efficent service”
Spice of India – Limerick

“Very efficent staff, great service and quality dessert menus”
Taste of Everest – Dublin

“The desserts are a great standard, the staff are efficent and the menus are of a high quality”
Ardee Win – Louth

“Efficent service, great dessert choices, great standard”
Tandoori – Tipperary

“Very friendly staff, high standard of quality desserts and a professional level of Service”
Good Days – County Kildare